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Hmong Family
Hmong Genealogy - Rediscovering Your Family

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About HmongGenealogy
Brief History: Hmong Genealogy was found in 2002 as Moua Genealogy to keep record of the Moua Family tree. As the records grow, Moua Genealogy changed to Hmong Genealogy in 2007 to provide broader service to more family names.

Hmong Genealogy collects, documents and keeps records of the Hmong family trees from all known ancestors who migrated from China to Indochina in the 1800s. Most of the ancestors settled in Laos, while a few settled in North Vietnam and Northern Thailand. The Hmong were caught in the Vietnam-American war. Some Hmong fought as guerilla fighters to rescue downed American pilots and to cut off supplies on the Ho Chi Minh trail. Some Hmong remained neutral, and others joined the communist party. When the Vietnam-American War was lost in 1975, thousands of Hmong migrated to Australia, France, Canada, and the United States. With the Hmong spreading around the globe, the better way maintain the family bloodline is through electronic family genealogy.

Purpose: To maintain an electronic family history of Hmong people world wide for current and future Hmong generations.
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