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Path of Exile skill not dip from 60 to 12 fps   October 19, 2018, 7:47 pm

Another example is maps, if I'm following someone far in advance of me, I can still hear the leap slams/bladefall sounds as I walk through the vicinity, though those skills happened way back when. It's really wierd.

Will DX11 lower the ridiculous 20 fps drops in different map with mmoah any ground effect or make multi shatter herald of ice procs from POE Currency literally any aoe skill not dip from 60 to 12 fps making for an excruciatingly jagged gaming knowledge about with a rig which could run crisis.

This will be the ONLY thing I cherish at this point with time as game design and balance wise, poe never been better.

Solving fps issues will larger than solving desync.

They might make it:
- DLC you can toggle on/off.
- A beta you can toggle on/off in the Game Properties.

- Or an annoying Launcher Window that waits to make a choice before commencing the actual loading of game assets.
- A separate EXE file that serves to detect your O/S and launch the proper Game EXE file without you needing to do anything.

Will FMOD allow greater than 32 sounds being played simultaneously.

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Path of Exile nerfed derived from one of patch towards the next   October 18, 2018, 7:55 pm

We likewise require an updated Path of Exile Manifesto on skill/monster balance and where it's headed.

 This last expansion and Chris' direct sudden involvement and comments prove there's people within GGG that hold a new vision with https://www.mmoah.com/ the game. What can we expect moving forward?

 What plans have been in place in order that things stop being nerfed from a single patch on the next, breaking a great number of POE Items builds? And how come we suddenly getting BiS goods like in Atziri?

What changed in connection with design philosophy for uniques these items slipped through? Was video result of too little checks and balances, carelessness, or what?

Post turned into a little long, but hopefully it's going to be read.

These will me greater issues with the overall game. I tried quitting for D3 but came back--because the positives in PoE are *really* positive, and I'm still hopeful to discover a lot of things addressed.

 The return on the Path of Exile Manifesto is a good step in this direction.

This, as well as i would like a rework on the orbs
Chance works as normal (maybe).

Alteration: turns white into blue with just 1 prefix or rerolls the present prefix or adds a prefix to some blue item without prefix.

Transmutation: turns white into blue with just 1 suffix or rerolls the latest suffix or adds a suffix to some blue item without suffix.

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Path of Exile check out Manage Account   October 17, 2018, 7:42 pm

    The Dancing Dervish now carries across any cosmetic affects placed on it if it is Manifested.

    Players with accounts created through Steam may now associate a real world address to the account from the Path of Exile website. To Buy POE Orbs do this, check out Manage Account, then Change Email.

    Slightly improved performance inside Hall of Grandmasters.

    Improved the visibility around mmoah.com the Atlas of uncompleted maps which are under the Elder's influence.
    The Map Device within the Templar Laboratory presently has an awesome new effect.

    Many story glyphs (like Malachai's letter to Shavronne in The Warden's Chambers) also have their visuals updated for being slightly more eye-catching.

    DPS calculations now take regardless of whether a particular weapon will in reality be used (for example when dual-wielding two different weapon types, info cannot be utilized by the skill that you are using) into mind.

This doesn't alter your actual damage by any means, but does now give you a more accurate tooltip.
    Improved how Sire of Shards works together weapon effects.

    Storm Barrier now clearly states so it does not support Minion skills.
    Added new Help Panel pages.

    Continued to incrementally improve sound, art, effects and environments.

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Path of Exile Puts the Dark Back into Dark PC Fantasy Role-Playing Games   October 16, 2018, 7:52 pm

AUCKLAND, New Zealand - Independent games studio Grinding Gear Games today announced Path of Exile, a free-to-play PC online action Role-Playing Game (RPG) from mmoah.com a dark fantasy world. The game will probably be available in early 2011.

Playing as one of six character classes, players end up banished with regards to past misdeeds on the dark fantasy whole world of POE Items Wraeclast.

There, they are going to encounter countless species of opponents laden with loot and mysterious artefacts since they explore the abandoned continent.

Players will likely be able to purchase in-game perks, including extra victory animations, clothing and computer graphics. To protect the integrity with the game for many players, Grinding Gear Games has do not sell abilities or experience points ensuring a level-playing field for everybody in game.

"We listened for the fan communities of varied popular online action RPGs when we designed Path of Exile and so are focused on replayability, depth and accessibility," said Chris Wilson, Grinding Gear Games' Founder.

 "We've designed the sport that we may want to play ourselves, therefore we know hardcore Diablo, Titan Quest and Dungeon Siege players may find the style familiar and addictive."
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The top 0.one percent of Path of Exile hardcore   October 15, 2018, 8:31 pm

The atlas can also be receiving some end game content to get more hardcore players. Previously, the elder and shaper bosses couldn't show up on the same map.

Both encounters were thought to be some of the hardest content amongst gamers.

This content, based on https://www.mmoah.com/ Wilson, is simply meant for the most notable 0.1 % of hardcore players. Its intended as as difficult as is possible and inspire Twitch streamers to push themselves for the limit. Two of those fights will be the hardest amongst people, says Wilson.

Its sort of designed for Twitch where hardly any people are gonna have an opportunity to see it and once they do listen to it, its likely to be a big event locally.

 The team believes that there should be content for lower level players to wish to, plus a world where a great deal of games are forsaking that to be able to try and grab a far more casual audience, its a breath of oxygen.

With that difficulty comes incredibly powerful things that only a few men and women ever get use of. This [item] may well be only gonna be Cheap POE Items used by eight people and thats it, says Wilson.

But its still worth making the information and everyone watches it on Twitch so its still worth every penny for us to accomplish this.

 One of the unique items we we had been able to find out was a quiver referred to as the Voidfletcher, which fired void arrows over the arrows that you are already shooting.
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