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Ibtuguaspaubsiab's Blogs 3 Blog Entries
YOU AND ME   September 16, 2008, 11:58 am
Kuv yeej tsis xav fall in love nrog koj li tiam sis koj txoj kev zoo ua rau kuv fall in love nrog koj ib hnub zuj zus. Kuv ntshai tsam koj tsis yog tiag es lam dag xwb. Kuv muab kuv tus kheej cheem cia deb ntawm koj tabsis koj ua rau kuv ntseeg koj. Koj ua rau kuv cia siab rau koj. Koj ua rau kuv tsis ntshai koj.

The most impressive about you are when you call to wake me up in the morning every morning at 5:00. When you call after work to see how im doing and I told you i have to stay late. You would offered to buy or cook dinner for me so when i come home i don't have to cook. In a regular day thaum koj tsav luv tuaj xyuas kuv, koj asked me to see if i need any thing or if im hungry koj mam yuav nqa tuaj rau kuv.

You show your love to me all you can. You don't hold any thing back. You show me that you can love me and can trust you. I feel so relax when im with you. Nothing to worry about. I love thaum wb nyob ua ke es wb just look at each other and laugh for nothing. I love when we say some thing that we don't have answer for and both of us just quite for a moment and then look at each other and laugh. This is what i want in life. Some one that is willing to laugh with me for little thing. Im been waiting and waiting for the right time and the right person and now you are here. Are you the one that im waiting for? If it is not you then no one else can be that some one that i've been waiting for.

Thaum kuv nim qhuav ntsib koj...koj hais rau kuv tias koj tau ua single for a long time li no you don't want to give up that freedom. Vim li ntawd yav tag los koj thiaj tsis tau xav serious about any one yet. You date and had relationship but never thought of marrying any one. Nim qhuav tau ob peb lub hlis los no uas wb sib paub, koj hais rau kuv tias koj pom koj tus kheej muaj ib lub neej nrog ib tug neeg in a year. You don't want to be single any more. You want to share a life with some one. When i heard this from you i didn't know what to say. I hope that wb taug tau ib txoj kev li wb ob leeg tau cia siab twj ywm. Yog tsis tau ntshe koj yuav tu siab heev li. Its so special to know your thought and to know how special you think of me in your heart.

I miss you every day and i can feel you do that too. When i thought of the morning that you call to wake me up and both of us were so sleepy and hardy talk but you would go like "Its time to wake up". I would go "ok thanks". I smile every time. Its a good feeling.
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Where do we go from here?   July 29, 2008, 4:50 am
My car was in the Auto Body shop for almost two weeks. Those long two weeks that i lived without car you would come to pick me up every morning to go to work and then drove to go to work afterward. In the evening after work you would come to my home and took me to go shopping for food and took us to the park for a walk or just for fun. Because my car was in the shop you afraid that we would not have enough food. You would brought dinner in and joined us for the evening. You have been so nice to me.

After we came back from St. Paul, MN you and me seemed to be so much closer. Every morning you would call me before you go to work. After you get off work you would call me and come over to spent some time with me. Any things i need you would offer to do for me. Some day I know you are very tired but you still try so hard to stay up just to be with me. You've done so many good things for me and my family more than i can names them.

I want to think that you like me but i'm also not sure if I am right? We both are two grown up people who know what we want but if you really like me and want some thing more how come you don't step forward and let me know? I ask myself over and over about this question but then i also ask myself what if you step forward and tell me how you feel. How about me? Will I be able to accept it or not?

You are a good single man who hold a master degree and have a very good job. Im a woman who hold only professional license and make enough money to go on in a daily basic life. I afraid to take the risk! Although, you have always treat me well.

You have such a good family. They all always welcome me in your home. They treat me so well and they never call you even the time that they need you if they know that you were with me. They are such good people.

I've been searching for some good people but never have expected to come across such a wonderful people like you and your family.

Thanks for being so nice and kind and just to let you know i will be getting my car today. You won't have to pick me up in the morning any more. Hopefully there will be time that i can help you in return.

Thanks L,

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Txoj kev kuv nco koj   July 6, 2008, 5:19 pm
Txoj kev kuv nco koj nco tsis muaj kawg li. Kuv xav txog thaum twg kuv lub kua muag ntws poob los. Paub zoo hauv lub siab hais tias tiam neej no tsuas tau paub, tau ntsib, tau hlub thiab tau nco xwb tsis muaj txoj hmoo yuav tau los nyob ua kev los lub siab yeej cheem tsis tau txoj kev hlub nco koj.

Wb txoj kev hlub uas zoo tshaj tau ploj tag nrog huab nrog cua. Wb tso tseg txhua yam ua dab neeg tag lawm tiam sis hauv kuv lub siab haj tseem nco nco koj ploj tsis taus. Hauv kuv lub siab quaj tas li rau txoj kev nco koj. Xav kom tau nyob hauv koj lub sub ntiag kom thaum pw los pom koj thaum sawv los pom koj.

Koj puas poob kua muag thaum koj nyob tsis muaj kuv. Koj puas nco puas seev txog kuv thiab thaum koj xav txog wb yav tag. Tiam neej no txoj kev sib hlub cas yuav hlub tau tu siab npaum li no.

Ncaim tiam no lawm ces yuav ncaim mus tsis muaj sib ntsib ntxiv. Mus zoo koj nawb kuv tus me leej muam tus siab zoo thiab ntxim hlub tshaj txhua tus uas kuv tau paub los. Thaum twg kho koj siab no ces nco ntsoov cia hais tias muaj ib tug nyob hauv lub ntiaj teb no hlub thiab nco koj tshaj plaws. You will never alone cause i will always be here in your heart. Holding your hands in my heart. Dreaming with you everywhere you are.

Kuv tus neeg kheev luag nco ntsoov cia hais tias ntawm koj kuv yeej tsis muaj hnoob yuav chim yuav ntxhub tau. Txawm yuav zoo li cas yuav tu siab npaum twg los yuav always put a smile in my face and if that smile is not good enough for you. There is always a smile behind that smile to make you laugh. I love you and miss you forever!!!

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