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Always Here and Always Will Be...

Hais txog xoj me kev nyuab siab los sis raug tau tus me kab noj nplooj me siab thiab nplooj me plawv, xav tias yuav tsis yog kuv ib leeg.Yog leej twg tau raug leej twg thiaj li yuav paub xwb os lawv. Yog leeg twg tsis raug ces txawm yuav hais npaum li cas los tsis nkag leejtwg pob ntseg li os.Kuv Sw... Read more
Hi everyone, Happy New Years to all of you and wish we all have a good past years and a new start. What ever we have in the past, the promise, the guilt, the loneliness, the sadness or even the happiness should be left aside for now and strived for the new ones because it's a new years to begin with... Read more