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Thaum doctor hais rau kuv tias kuv tshuav sijhawm li 10 hli nyob lawm xwb ua rau kuv tsis kaj siab li.Kuv hnub nyoog nyuam qhuav 20 xyoo xwb. Cas kuv lub sijhawm yuav tshuav luv ua luaj...Txoj kev sij hlub kuv twb tsis tau nrog luag muaj. Txoj kev sib tshua thiab txoj kev nco no nws ho zoo li cas? K... Read more
How do you guys deal with a mother in law who is a two face? When shes home while I'm there in the living room she acts like she likes me and all but when shes on phone with someone else she talks sheit about me behind my back and when I'm down stairs doing my homework. She thinks when I'm down stai... Read more