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Always Here and Always Will Be...

Chapter 5:Everlasting LoveThe summer breezed by and before Tsua knew it summer was almost over.As with summer ended so did they.Tsua knew it but she couldn’t get herself to believe it.It took hearing it from a friend that made it a reality for Tsua.She was so in denial that she couldn’t face reality... Read more
Muaj ib hnub kuv ntshaws ntshaws koj.Muaj ib hnub kuv lam xav tias koj yuav khiav kuv mus.Muaj ntaus hnub kuv tos tos koj tsab xov toj.Muaj ntaus zaus kuv xav hu koj.Muaj ntaus lo hais, tsi muaj ib lo hlub.Muaj ntaus lo xas, tsi muaj ib lo nco.Muaj ntaus lo cheem, tsi muaj ib lo siab ncaj.Muaj ntaus... Read more