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Always Here and Always Will Be...

yog tias caij ntuj WINTER no ces kuv sum sib puag pw sov tshaj..haha.. :lol:tab sis yog SUMMER no ces txhob chwv kuv nawb...haha... :lol:kub kub li txav kom deb deb... LOL..... :lol: :lol:... Read more
anyone remember this song from maly vue called "txav los ze ze"? i noe that this is an old song..but..anyone still remeber this song...makes me feel old though i'm jux turning 20 next year. lol!http://kenzihero.imeem.com/music/rdBZB7Bx/old_school_girl_txav_los_ze_ze/and what about this one???http://... Read more