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Always Here and Always Will Be...

Naag hmo kuv ua npau suav txug kuv yawm. Hrm, txawv kawg nkaus le, tsua qhov kuv yawm nwg tub tau xiam lawm tau ntau xyoo nuav lawm. Freaky huh? LOLz Huv kuv zaaj npau suav, nwg heem kuv ua ntej, tes tom qaab, nwg kuj ho paab kuv hab, taabsis kuv tub tau taub kuv zaaj npau suav lawm. lmao---Kabao... Read more
I have been very sick for the last 3 days. I have allergy, combining with sinus infection, coughing, and fever. I slept most of the time since Friday to Sunday.Sab tiag tiag li os.... Read more