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Always Here and Always Will Be...

sorry..its been a while since ive been here..kuv tsis tau khoom li lawm os..well i guess things are still da same..umm...my and my sisters when and took pics on sat..they turned out okay....im still not sure wat imma do wif my life..muaj ntau yam li os..yuav nrog tus twg tiag?? tus yus hlub..los tus... Read more
09/12 16:01 Nkauj_Paj : and when we joke around you freaken get mad and say stupid stuff to get us mad...09/12 16:01 Hlub_koj_Xwb : then you guys should never say those stuff to me09/12 16:01 Hlub_koj_Xwb : [b]that because you are stupid[/v]09/12 16:01 Johnny559 : xyoov yog txoj hmoo dab tsi thiaj t... Read more