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Kuv yuav txais tos hnub no nrog txoj kev hlub nyob hauv kuv lub siab. Qhov no yog qhov lus zais uas tob tshaj plaws txog txoj kev muaj-yeej rau txhua txhia yam. Neeg lub dag-zog yeej phua tau yav tawv tshaj plaws thiab muaj peev-xwm rhuav tshev tau txoj-sia, tiam sis tsuas yog qhov uas neeg tsis pom . . . Full Story
Last Forum Topics
tig_los_hlub: NEEJ RAWS HUAB CUA
Human is kind of like wind. There those that did lots of damage, and there are those that just blew like any other normal wind. What kind of wind are you? Are you going to be a tornado or just a little wind blowing like others?In this life, only ... More
KuvHloovBeLawm: Txoj kev ua npau suav
Ib sij huam sib tso tag, kuv mam rov ua npau suav pom koj...thaum tseem nyob ua kev yeej tsis nco hais tias pw es yuav lam ntsib koj nyob hauv txoj kev ua npau suav li.Yog tim txoj kev npam los si yog tseem tshua tshua koj?
Xushi: Hi, I'm a newbie
Nyob zoo Nplaimhlub community.... not sure where to post newbie threads so hope you don't mind that i post it here.But anyway, I hope  you guys don't mind as I am gonna make myself feel like at home here.  :)Lets hope to get to know each ot ... More
nkaujhmoobdawb: Tshaus Hawj Concert Tour USA
hello ppl.. i need some help on how to find or buy Tshaus Hawj concert tour usa movie here.. i know its old.. but i would like to watch it if anyone knows where I can buy or find a copy for me.
tusiab txojhmoov tsis sib raug: Me leej muam koj ncaim kuv mus pes tsawg xyoo ces kuv mob tau pes tsawg xyoo. Cas koj thiaj ua rau ib tug tibneeg nyob tom qab tuag tsis tu siav, koj puas paub hais tias nws tseem tos rawv koj ntawm thaj chaw qub..tos koj ntuj tshiab tawm ntuj tsaug . . . More
tusiab tag tiam: Tu siab tiam no hlub tsis tau koj...kuv yuav thov nco koj txoj kev hlub kev zoo ntev niaj ntau xyoo uas koj tau muab rau kuv. Tau hlub ib zaug yuav nco tas tiam. Kuv me nploojsiab tus neeg kuv hlub thiab nco tsis yog vim koj nws tsis yog vim kuv. Vim . . . More
things to think about: Sometimes...if you're really sorry because it was that day...because it was the day that SOME1 who you really love....DIE....in your heart, then live well vim when time are hard, just like now recall those days that you treasure most and gather your . . . More
REASONS: People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a reason...it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to a . . . More
interesting: Ntau ntev heev li lawm, i would try to come and visit "nplaimhlub" my old little fantasy world that i would called it my "palace" i recently left 2 blogs and disappear for another month realize.. oh my goodness i have 1000 or more viewers on my blog . . . More
What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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